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Quality policy

The quality policy applied by OMP Porro is based on the following points:​


1.guarantee and constantly improve customer satisfaction by meeting expectations and fulfilling product and service requirements in order to become an increasingly important supplier for customers;

2.promote the continuous improvement of product and service quality and the effectiveness of the quality system;

3.respond promptly to market developments through a flexible and competitive organization;

4.involve all staff in all processes, allowing them to grow professionally and feel an active part of the quality system.



The implementation of this policy has led to the following actions being taken:

1.define and precise the responsibilities, roles, tasks for the different process steps;

2.develop internal rules that are adopted as organizational, procedural and operational reference standards in the management of activities;

3.prevent the occurrence of non-conformities during the execution of the processes;

4.identify and record non-conformities, promoting the activation of appropriate corrective actions and the consolidation of the adopted solutions;

5.promote the development of the skills of professional resources, encouraging integration and collaboration   between internal organizational areas, activating training actions

6.enhance the company know-how, encouraging the spread of good practices and pursuing their optimization in order to share working methods a common heritage.

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